Network-Rachelle,DonnaT,Neomi-CropWhat will it cost to be a part of the club?

Membership costs about $100 per month including lunch. If this seems expensive, consider that just one recurring customer may cover your dues for an entire year. There are two parts to membership costs – International Dues and Lunch Dues.

Leads Club International Dues

Leads Club, Inc. is a multinational business, dedicated to increasing the success of its member chapters, such as Riviera Village Leads Club. The corporate office provides forms and marketing materials, a central website, and local Chapter Consultants who meet with each chapter every month. While each Chapter is ultimately responsible for increasing its own membership, many potential members are routed to the chapters through the corporate office. These dues are $349 for one year, with other payment options available. Note that you will need to pay a one-time Join Fee as well as your ongoing payments. Click Here when you are ready to join.

Lunch dues are paid at the first meeting each month

Each individual chapter is responsible for setting up their own meetings. Our club has a full lunch including beverage for $17 each week, paid monthly. You are responsible to pay for the full month even if you don’t attend all the meals. Any leftover dues are used for marketing purposes.


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