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Join Us DSCN0152According to recent market research conducted by The Nielson Co., 90% of consumers worldwide said they are most likely to trust the recommendations of the people they know, a figure that was well above any other form of advertising, Building your business through personal referrals will generate long term loyal customers.

Arrange a visitation

Visit the Contact Us page to arrange a visitation. We will find out a little bit about your business and make sure you will match the qualifications below. Check out the membership HERE to see if the current members represent categories that you can support, and who can easily support you.

You can visit two times to determine if this club is right for you. We will pay for lunch on your first visit, and you will pay for lunch thereafter. You are also encouraged to call our members to ask about their experiences and determine if you will be able to exchange future leads.

New Member Qualifications

We want to make sure that membership in the Riviera Village Leads Club is mutually beneficial to all members. Therefore, we have certain restrictions:

Only one person from each business category.
This avoids any competition between members and focuses referrals. See Restricted Categories

Members must attend regularly.
We need to know we can count on you to conscienciously handle any referrals you receive. You are allowed 12 absences per anniversary year.

Members must strive to be the best in their business.
We will not refer our friends and clients to someone who will embarrass us.

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