Getting Started

Membership demands personal involvement. The key to Leads Club success is the personal bond that you forge with each Leads Club member. A personal and enthusiastic recommendation depends upon a personal and enthusiastic relationship with the person giving the recommendation.

  • It is going to take some personal time to forge that relationship, so plan on investing a year of membership before you can really determine how the club can support you, and how you can support the club.
  • You have to give leads to get leads. To give leads, you must take the time to learn about each member’s business. Take the opportunity to meet with every member outside the meeting. Call them up and ask to visit their place of business, or a coffee shop (or even a bar) if that is more convenient for them.
  • Meeting Attendance is paramount. Although Leads Club allows 12 absences per member per year, we can’t get to know you if you are absent. Also, frequent absences mark you as potentially undependable, and it will take that much longer to build members’ confidence to recommend you.

We are looking forward to seeing you and hope that you find Leads Club as beneficial as we have. Please Contact Us if you have any questions.

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