Checklists Are Key To Successful Landlords

Besides selling houses, Realtor Carlene Delight has been a successful landlord for decades. Income property can be be a lucrative business. But like any business, the key to profitability is to consistently follow the proven path to success.
Carlene described how the best hospitals compile detailed checklists for surgical procedures and compare adherence to the checklists to outcomes. Many hospitals have shown how deaths and infections can be dramatically reduced and millions of dollars saved yearly by this process.
Checklists are even more important for landlords. Hopefully your tenants will stay for years and years. So when they do change, you may forget what needs to be done in the changeover, and in what order. Checklists are your salvation.
If you are interested in buying income property, Carlene can help you find the right deal, close at the right price, and then get you started on successful management.
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