The Good, The Bad & the Ugly Fat

While all “natural” fats have their role in maintaining your health, the ratio of Omega-3 vs Omega-6 fat intake is critical to combating the inflammation and arterial plaque that can lead to heart disease. There are over 610,000 deaths per year from heart disease and stroke is the third leading cause of death.
Omega-3 fats are derived primarily from fish oil, while Omega-6 fats come from vegetable oils (including corn), fake butter, and grain-fed animal fat. The Omega-6 fats are used in modern convenience and processed foods.
In his recent 10 minute presentation at the Riviera Village Leads Club, Mehrshad Bozorgi demonstrated the power of omega-3 fats distributed by Forever Living Products.
Omega-3 fats come in two types: DHA and EPA. While both have their uses, the DHA version is more useful. The ratio of DHA:EPA should be 1:1 up to 1:4. However, many popular Omega-3 supplements are much higher in EPA than DHA.
To prove the efficacy of the Forever Living Omega-3 supplement, Bozorgi punctured capsules from three popular Omega-3 supplements and floated the oil on top of a small amount of water in styrofoam cups. Styrofoam is a very hardy product, surviving intact in landfills practically forever. Mehrshad compared styrofoam to the plaque that can clog arteries and cause strokes. Only the Forever Living oil succeeded in dissolving the styrofoam, and therefore could dissolve arterial plaque.
The Forever living Omega-3 product, Arctic Sea, can be further enhanced through use of their Aloe Vera products to clean out the digestive tract for better adsorption.
For more information, Contact Mehrshad Bozorgi.

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